Firefoz add-on to make Flickr browsing more fun

Browser add-on Flickr Gallery Plus adds extended functionality to Flickr‘s set view, allowing users to click through to see full versions of each shot without having to reload the page. Once installed it will go out and pre-fetch the larger sized version of each shot, making big sets a cinch to speed through. This includes […]

Geocities will die on – October 26, 2009

Geocities will be buried for ever on October 26, 2009. It was long ago Yahoo decided to shut down Geocities but still was supporting existing Geocities sites. The decision was made after Geocities turned out to be a no-profit venture. It may be due to impact from other free webpage services like google page, blogger, […]

Flickr now links with twitter, post pics directly to twitter

Flickr has been indicating integration with Twitter when it gave users option to add twitter account to Flickr profile. But now you can directly upload pictures to twitter from your flicker account. You are sure gonna see a lot of links on your twitter profile. So here’s how you add flickr2twitter About Flickr Twitter […]

Search for HD large images on google and yahoo

Use Google and Yahoo search to get the best wallpapers of your desired size.For images larger than 1024X768 resolution.This trick was discovered when i wanted to see extra large images of Aishwarya Rai and i finally ended up discovering this – click here You could never imagine how good these images can be, i figured […]