Google buys “On2” a Video Compression Technology company

Google has been really active over the past few months, buying something and selling something. The recent tech update is that they bought video compression technology company On2 Technologies for $106.5 million in stock. Though whether it will pay off remains to be seen, for On2 Technologies’ codecs are losing favor to H.264.Its worth to […]

Cellphone Towers can be used to predict floods

Cellphone Towers ruin the perfect view of your surroundings, and i wish they never existed. But scientists have put these cellphone towers to a good use. By studying the behavior of radio waves emitted by Cellphone Towers , they have been able to predict floods and save many lives.From the latest research by scientist as […]

Bill Gates “Shankee personality of the week”

Bill Gates repeatedly noted as the richest man on Earth, the man who revolutionized the world by bringing Personal Computer to every home and the founder of Microsoft. He has been remarked as the genius of the decade. After he left the Head post of Microsoft and he has been devoting much of his time […]

Producer-multiplex was is finally over, new movies from June “Big News Of the Week”

The two-month long strike called by film producers has finally come to an end Thursday (June 4, 2008) night. Confirming the news, Inox director Deepak Asher said all issues with the producers have been resolved. “The resolution is satisfactory for both sides,” he said adding that the earnings profile would not suffer due to the […]

Antimatter is it really dangerous and produced at LHC “Shankee’s Big news of the week”

Recently i watched Angels and Demons and there I came to know of anti-matter. I already knew that anti-matter can be made to act like a bomb, but i didn’t knew that it will be generated in the collisions in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider . So here’s a report on what is Anti-Matter and can […]

UPA(Congress) government made it again a look at it”In the spotlight”

Congress has proved it that India is not going anymore on communal issues and want government to focus of development and stop the blame game. Congress was on the perfect win win situation as it has a huge no. of young entrepreneurs such as my favorites rahul ganfhi, sachin pilot and farooq abdullah. Finally PM […]

Leading Indian institution’s site gets hacked by chinese hackers

It seems another act of Chinese hackers ,this time they attacked Aligarh Muslim University prestigious Indian educational institution’s site.The hackers somehow managed to add automatic download of their malicious software. We at are the first one to report this. Aligarh Muslim University is a prestigious educational institution and that has a legacy of its […]

Reading a newspaper Online, Shankee tells you how..

All of you must know that all leading newspaper publish an online version of their daily prints, but i am sure a few would have just tried to discover how to read them online. Shankee presents a guide to reading newspapers online with tutorials, websites and software to help you guide through. Reading a newspaper […]

The era of LTTE ends, as their leader Prabhakaran dies “Shankee’s In the Spotlight”

After a gruesome battle that lasted days between the Srilankan Army and the LTTE ( Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam) finally ended. With a huge list of dead men on both sides. SriLankan army claims that they have ended a terror group while the LTTE who claimed that they fight for the rights of Tamil […]