Twitter launching new Tweet Button

According to Mashable Twitter is launching a new type of Tweet Button. The one which would show the no of tweets the link would have been tweeted. There are many similar twitter buttons on the internet, it would be interesting to learn what’s new in this one. There are three versions of the button (110×20, […]

Twitter testing ‘You Both Follow Feature’

According to a Tweet just posted by Twitter engineer Nick Kallen, the microblogging network has just enabled a new “You both follow” feature. The feature, which is only being tested for 10 percent of users, allows you to see any common people that you and another user both follow. Here’s a screenshot of what the […] = Twitter + Delicious

This site provides a simple bookmarking service. They follow your twitter feed, and whenever one of your tweets contains URLs, they add them to your bookmarks. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you. They’ll even add a delicious tag identifying the sender if you like. The pack rat keeps track of the URLs you […]

List of all Indian celebs on twitter

Recently Shahrukh joined twitter, but i came to one conclusion still twitter is away from twitter. I don’t have much of my friends on twitter, we are seeing rise in Indian community on facebook but still not on twitter. So here to spread some awareness about twitter, I’ll write about the Indian celebs on twitter. […]

Status Search: A Search Engine For What Your Friends Are Saying Online

Looking through Facebook, Orkut and Twitter to know what other people are doing, now you have a better way to know status of your friends.But sometimes it’s even more useful to search only the status updates published by your friends and family, like when you’re looking for something specific to your social circle or only […]

Flickr now links with twitter, post pics directly to twitter

Flickr has been indicating integration with Twitter when it gave users option to add twitter account to Flickr profile. But now you can directly upload pictures to twitter from your flicker account. You are sure gonna see a lot of links on your twitter profile. So here’s how you add flickr2twitter About Flickr Twitter […]

How twitter earn even when it shows no ads!! Question finally answered

Twitter has emegerged has the fastest growing micro-blogging social network, where people share their lives in 140 words messages(twits). But is has no ads so “How twitter earns money?”The question that would come up to everyone’s mind and has been asked infinitely number of times. And after research and confirming with a few famous blogs […]