Essential software for your PC recommended by a tech expert

The list of the most essential software that each and every computer must have. This include all software personally recommended by me (Shashank author of And in fact these are installed on my very own Personal Computer.Many of you were eager to know about my PC and the software i use, so when my […] is also goolge, googel, gogle, gooogle . . .Amazing Discovery

“goolge., googel, gogle, gooogle” No i am not bad at English not my keyboard is working improperly & also i know how to spell Why don’t you check these domains. Yes these redirect to .While i was trying to access, I accidentally misspelled Google and wrote some other resembling domain. I was […]

Webware 100 the best on Internet released the Webware 2009 winners. The winners were chosen based on voting from over 630,000 voters and the competitors were placed up in categories.The list shows the best services, products and sites from all across the globe. See the full list, it shows some really good sites. Google turned out to be the king […]

Flock 2.5 launched now with additional twitter, facebook suppport

A newer version of The social browser Flock2.5 has been launched. Now it has twitter and facebook integration into it that lets you connect with the world much more efficiently.Flock is a Mozilla product and was made to help people socialize. Flock has pre-installed elements that help you manage easily your social profiles such as […]

Ubuntu linux “Software of the week”

Ubuntu Linux has been proved to be the ultimate operating system. It’s free, simple, easy to use, free of viruses, can’t be hacked (literally), uses least resources, great graphic user interface…The list is long and i would ultimately run out of words.Read below to know how to get the cd delivered free to your home […]

Super Ubuntu – The best linux just got better

Super Ubuntu the ultimate version of Ubuntu, the world’s one of the leading Linux OS. They call it Super Ubuntu as they gave some extra super features to Ubuntu.These super powers given to ubuntu include all new added tools, applications and stuff preiously missing from it.It includes the powerful Open Office with Microsoft 2007 formats […]

Great software from mozilla

Great software provided from mozilla , and i thought they had only FIrefox and Thunderbird.See all the software in the list below, some of them are really useful and you would be amazed why you didn’t knew about them before.continued health of the Internet. Mozilla Applications These applications are developed by the Mozilla community and […]

Search for HD large images on google and yahoo

Use Google and Yahoo search to get the best wallpapers of your desired size.For images larger than 1024X768 resolution.This trick was discovered when i wanted to see extra large images of Aishwarya Rai and i finally ended up discovering this – click here You could never imagine how good these images can be, i figured […]

Monitor your employees (see their screen)

Net Monitor for Employees is a program that allows a ‘view’ of a computer monitor of a remote computer, which is connected to the network. This way you can observe what your employees are doing.Net Monitor for Employees is a tool that lets you observe what your employees are doing in real time. Download here […]