Building your own linux with Slax

Linux gives it users the power no other operaring system could, now Slax takes it to the next level by giving you more power to build up your linux from the very basic. Slax is a linux which is built by the user. Additional software can be added and removed, using Slackware packages and Slax […]

Michael Jackson may be no more but his music lives forever “A tribute to the King of Pop”

Micheal Jackson left the world with all of us to live with his music forever. The legend Michael Jackson has been idol for millions , the pop singer whose body has no bones and something that makes him unique in the universe. So we pay a tribute to the “king of pop” after he passed […]

Kambakt Ishq “Movie of the Week”

The biggest movie this summer ,Kambakht Ishq set to release this july starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as the lead pair. The movie is directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It also features guest appearances by leading Hollywood stars including Silvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh. So here is a look […]

Mojopac: Carry you whole PC with you on a USB disk “Software of the week”

Now you can carry your whole computer system with you on just a simple USB hard drive. I too was very much amazed when i came to know of this. Mojopac just lets you do this and makes your whole system fit into just a small pendrive, including all your favorite software, files and applications […]

Agatha Sangma “Personality of the week”

Agatha Sangma, environmentalist, amateur photographer and the youngest member of the cabinet of Ministers in India. She is certainly one that has achieved too much for that age and keeps making people amazed by achieving a new level of success each time. So Agatha Sangma is the personality of the week at Agatha Sangma, […]

Google Wave promises revolutionize communicating on the web “In the Spotlight”

Google wave is the next big thing happening around. I was so confused what actually Google wave is, so finally i decided to put it to test if it fits best on my expectations. Google said this about Google Wave “A wave is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together […]

Bill Gates “Shankee personality of the week”

Bill Gates repeatedly noted as the richest man on Earth, the man who revolutionized the world by bringing Personal Computer to every home and the founder of Microsoft. He has been remarked as the genius of the decade. After he left the Head post of Microsoft and he has been devoting much of his time […]

“Kites” “Shankee’s Movie of the Week”

The much hyped movie KITES that has been on the news for a lot of reasons has been features as the Shankee’s Movie of the week. Hrithik Roshan plays the main lead along with the hot and sizzling Barbara Mori. This is the first time we see Hrithik in a raunchy role, and the link […]

Spirituality “Enlighting your inner self and What it means”

Spirituality is matters of the spirit, a concept tied to a spirit world, a multidimensional reality and one or more deities. Spiritual matters regard humankind’s ultimate nature and purpose, not as material biological organisms, but as spirits with an eternal relationship beyond the bodily senses, time and the material world. Spirituality implies the mind-body dichotomy, […]

Meira Kumar First female speaker of the Lok Sabha “Upcomer of the week”

Women empowerment has hit a new level in Indian when we already had President Pratibha patil, and now in addition to that we have Honorable speaker of the Lok Sabha as Mrs. Meira Kumar. She is certainly the Shankee’s “Up-comer of the week”. What is a Speaker-The term speaker is a title often given to […]