NASA says “life may exist on Titan”

According to the experts the ‚Äúdata provided by the spacecraft, was analyzed despite the chemical complexity of the surface of Titan, the only known moon that has a dense atmosphere. Its surface is steep and it formed by mountains, lakes and rivers, leading astronomers to say that this moon is the closest to Earth in […]

India’s GSLV- D3 fails.. !! :-(

India’s first attempt to become the sixth country to launch a rocket using its own Cryogenic engine resulted in a failure earlier today when the rocket failed to complete its mission and deviated from its path midway and minutes later, splashed into the placid waters of the Bay of Bengal.It was a picture perfect launch […]

Chandrayaan Helps Find More Water on the Moon

If you thought the Chandrayaan Mission was over a few months ago, please be prepared to be proven wrong. After scrutinizing evidence garnered from various scientific instruments aboard the Chandrayaan, the NASA had last year announced the presence of “little” amount of water on the moon. It was back then, hailed a very significant discovery. […]

Scientists finally convert light into matter and back into light

Lene Hau has already shaken scientists’ beliefs about the nature of things. Albert Einstein and just about every other physicist insisted that light travels 186,000 miles a second in free space, and that it can’t be speeded-up or slowed down. But in 1998, Hau, for the first time in history, slowed light to 38 miles […]

India Space Scientists plans to reach Mars with solar sail and ion propagated engines

According to latest sources India now plans to now reach Mars after the recent victory over the Moon mission. And have put up indications to use the innovative Solar sail engines and the Ion Propulsion Engine. So we put a light on the latest revolutionary space technologies to unravel the hidden treasures of the Universe.We […]

Astronomers discover a new type of supernovae

In a find that could potentially upset the current classification model employed in the astronomical community to identify a supernova explosion, researchers have discovered what appears to be a new class of supernova altogether, one that is dimmer and smaller than previously though possible. Astronomers working with the Calar Alto Observatory made the find in […]

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