Feedjit now serves 1 Billion widgets across the web

Feedjit, which offers website publishers and bloggers a live traffic widget that lets them see who is visiting their site(s) in real time, is now serving over 1 billion widget impressions per month on a network of more than 530,000 online properties.According to co-founder and CEO Mark Maunder, Feedjit widgets reach over 150 million unique […]

Google allows user to add Bing like backgrounds to search page

Google now allows users to customize their search page. And the latest enhancement appears to be inspired by the rival Microsoft’s Bing. Google now lets users select any background for the once so simple and white search page.Its really nice to see how much google is experimenting on the Google search page. The company once […]

Packrati.us = Twitter + Delicious

This site provides a simple bookmarking service. They follow your twitter feed, and whenever one of your tweets contains URLs, they add them to your delicious.com bookmarks. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you. They’ll even add a delicious tag identifying the sender if you like. The pack rat keeps track of the URLs you […]

Trick Alexa to get a good rank for your blog

Alexa has been one of the favorite tool for knowing how good or bad a site is, it has been one of the most trusted site when it comes to analyzing traffic stats of the web. But my experiments with the site have revealed that it can be manipulated to make your site have a […]

Geocities will die on – October 26, 2009

Geocities will be buried for ever on October 26, 2009. It was long ago Yahoo decided to shut down Geocities but still was supporting existing Geocities sites. The decision was made after Geocities turned out to be a no-profit venture. It may be due to impact from other free webpage services like google page, blogger, […]

Use both Bing and Google together to search more effectively

We all want to get the best result out of search engines. With the latest buss created by Bing that some say shows great search results while others prefer sticking to the search giant Google. But what if you can use both. Yes a new website lets you search both Google and Bing at the […]

Fight with google keywords using Googlefight, know how popular you are on google

Now you can check and compare the popularity of any keyword with Google-fight .The service lets you know how much a site or keyword is popular on google.com. It is a really good tool to know how famous your site, product or any particular keyword is and compare that with your competitor. Googlefight just compares […]

The official site of India government is better than most government sites

I just came through the official site of the Indian Government and i must admit i never thought that the site would be so neatly made and would actuallu be updated that frequently, because i have government sites and i know how they are managed. But this one proved me wrong. The site has been […]