Top 10 blogs in different categories by

While browsing an interesting site i just came upon some strange discoveries, such as best tea enthusiast, best comedians and many more… so i decided to include these in my next post. is a very popular site to know about a lot of strange but good blogs. Some of the categories i loved […]

See the latest on the web on one single page looks at currently popular items on the top social news sites and mashes it all together. It display the most talked about, searched and most popular content from all the globe on one single page. And gets updated every 15 minutes.It is a revolutionary service and a very new attempt.The idea is to allow […]

Services from google we love and recommend

Google has become more than a search engine, featuring well built services for anyone who ever used internet. Ranging from free blog hosting (blogger) to email (gmail), from social netorking (Orkut) to website maintenance (google aps) …. the list is so long. It is clear that we don’t hate yahoo ot microsoft but the fact […]