Cellphone Towers can be used to predict floods

Cellphone Towers ruin the perfect view of your surroundings, and i wish they never existed. But scientists have put these cellphone towers to a good use. By studying the behavior of radio waves emitted by Cellphone Towers , they have been able to predict floods and save many lives.From the latest research by scientist as […]

Say bye to big brick like laptop chargers, new technology enters.

As reported soon laptops would come without a charger, preventing you from carrying a large brick like charger everywhere with you. But you would still have to charge your laptop. The new technology also reduces the total power consumption by the charger when its not in use. The worst thing about any electronic gadget is […]

Indoor GPS to help you navigate you to your favorite shop in a MALL

The GPS has revolutionized the way we travel and explore the world, going to unknown places as if we bwlong there only. But the biggest hindrance in its development is its non-functionality in covered places, inside a building even under a shade. But finally an indoor positioning system, similar to GPS, is being tested by […]

Lend free idle time on your computer for HIV and drug research

Now you can contribute in helping researchers from the University of Delaware, The Scripps Research Institute, and the University of California – Berkeley by giving them some idle time on your computer. This was all part of a revolutionary docking technology known as Dynamically Adaptive Protein-Ligand Docking System (DAPLDS) and is supported by the National […]