The official site of India government is better than most government sites

I just came through the official site of the Indian Government and i must admit i never thought that the site would be so neatly made and would actuallu be updated that frequently, because i have government sites and i know how they are managed. But this one proved me wrong. The site has been […]

Meira Kumar First female speaker of the Lok Sabha “Upcomer of the week”

Women empowerment has hit a new level in Indian when we already had President Pratibha patil, and now in addition to that we have Honorable speaker of the Lok Sabha as Mrs. Meira Kumar. She is certainly the Shankee’s “Up-comer of the week”. What is a Speaker-The term speaker is a title often given to […]

UPA(Congress) government made it again a look at it”In the spotlight”

Congress has proved it that India is not going anymore on communal issues and want government to focus of development and stop the blame game. Congress was on the perfect win win situation as it has a huge no. of young entrepreneurs such as my favorites rahul ganfhi, sachin pilot and farooq abdullah. Finally PM […]