All news sites to charge something soon says Financial Times

News sites that charge users a subscription fee are the exception for now, but the editor of the Financial Times “confidently” predicts that they’ll be the rule inside 12 months. The big question: whether to charge per month or per article (or both, for that matter).During a speech in London this week, FT editor Lionel […]

Indoor GPS to help you navigate you to your favorite shop in a MALL

The GPS has revolutionized the way we travel and explore the world, going to unknown places as if we bwlong there only. But the biggest hindrance in its development is its non-functionality in covered places, inside a building even under a shade. But finally an indoor positioning system, similar to GPS, is being tested by […]

Reading a newspaper Online, Shankee tells you how..

All of you must know that all leading newspaper publish an online version of their daily prints, but i am sure a few would have just tried to discover how to read them online. Shankee presents a guide to reading newspapers online with tutorials, websites and software to help you guide through. Reading a newspaper […]