Nokia N900 officially launched in india

The much awaited slate cum phone from Nokia the n900 is officially launched in India. The Nokia N900 is based on a linux maemo platform.The device is also known as the internet tablet. It has a superb OS with great visual effects. It has a wide 3.5-inch touchscreen display, Nokia N900 packs a QWERTY keyboard, […]

BlackBerry 9800 sure got some looks, is sure going to make heads turn

The soon to be released Blackberry Bold 9800 is one of the sexiest slider phone we came across yet. Its way ahead Blackberry Storm on the style quotient. The verdict is still out on OS 6, but there’s hardly any doubting the assured design and form factor that RIM has gone with for the BlackBerry […]

Nokia launches it’s first dual-sim phone

Nokia launches its two new “Dual SIM” phones- the C1-00 and C2. They are both low-end candybars having minimal features and might not suit the feature hungry people but are great for travelers. They both have Symbian S40, (there is no 3G). They have bluetooth and VGA camera. C1-00 has a VGA camera, microSD card […]

Watch Live TV on Samsung Corby TV, Metro TV Phones

Samsung has introduced two new mobile phones that will let users watch live TV on two Corby and Metro models based on CDMA. New Samsung Corby TV and Metro TV handsets come with a customized MimobiTV Mobile TV application that enables watching TV and on-demand TV streaming. The Metro TV handset is priced Rs. 6,999 […]

Bluetooth getting a major upgrade with version 4.0

When Bluetooth first arrived, everyone thought it won’t be really popular. But today almost every device that can afford to have bluetooth has it includng mobiles, laptops, cars, mp3 players etc.Now on its third major version, Bluetooth is about to hit another milestone with the release of Bluetooth 4.0, due before the end of the […]

Nexus the Google superphone finally revealed

There have been so many rumors and leak shots of the finally revealed Google’s phone “NEXUS“. Google call it the superphone as they say there has never been a phone like this one. Let’s have a look at the feature and what it offers. So the phone is not to be confused to a superbike […]

Apple rejects Google Voice inclusion in Apple Store

Apple has yet done something much un-expected and rejected Google Voice from being available on Apple Store. Google Voice is an allpication that lets users make and receive calls from a single number , send SMS and make cheap long distance calls.Engadget reports that Apple has slammed the door on Google Voice, an app that […]

Mobile giants agree on making a standard phone charger

The biggest mobile chargers of the world have agreed on using the same charger for all their phones. This would remove the extra burden from the customers of carrying different charger for different devices.Every Mobile manufacturer provided a charger that was exclusively made for the device and could not be used on any other mobile […]

Iphone 3G S is it really that good, covering the good and the bad about it .

Iphone 3G S is launched and “S” stands for speed, Apple says this is the fastest Iphone with new software and hardware improvements. Shankee puts a hand on Iphone and tell you is it really that good or just a too much hyped about. CameraThe new Iphone has a 3 Megapixel camera and as Apple […]

Nokia developing mobiles that charge themselves using Radio Waves

Nokia has been developing technologies that use the energy from radio waves used for TV, mobile and radio transmission for generating electricity to produce sufficient amount of energy to make the mobile use no power from the battery when in standby mode and can remain in standby indefinitely without using any electric power at all. […]