Microsoft rolls out its own Antivirus Program

After much criticism for not properly looking over the issue of virus, trojan, malicious software and much more. Microsoft has finally acted by releasing a Beta version of its anti-virus software called Microsoft Security Essentials Beta. We at Shankee put a look on it, on whether it is worth downloading or not. Windows has been […]

Antirus exclusively made for windows 7 arrives

The antivirus makers have rolled out software made exclusively for Microsoft’s Windows 7. These were featured on the official Windows 7 site it includes software from – Kaspersky , Norton and AVG.All software companies launched beta versions of antivirus having the latest technology. The companies listed below provide security software that is compatible with Windows […]

Make Windows Media Player even more awesome

Window Media Player has been one of the most widely available media software, but did you ever get bored and switched to other media players. Shankee presents a few software that lets you do more with your media player , featuring cool skins, add-ons and much more. Check out these other sites and resources that […]