No more windows XP on new laptops after 22nd October

It’s easy to lose track of the number of times that Windows XP has been proclaimed dead, but it looks like this particular cut-off date is indeed the real thing — Microsoft is now reminding OEMs that they’ll no longer be able to install Windows XP Home on new netbooks after October 22nd of this […]

Hack to unveil Window 7’s GodMode

Window’s enthusiast have found a new tweak that if not essentially makes you the deity of your windows machine, but still gives you a lot of power to do a lot of stuff on your PC. The GodMode as they say is a simple hack to reveal the hidden world of bundles of tweaks and […]

Get Office 2010 with Windows starter 2010

Microsoft rolls out “beta” version of its Office Suite – “Office 2010“. And for a change it is giving users to download and try it for free. Here’s how you can get it. Microsoft Office 2010, codenamed Office 14, is the successor of Microsoft Office 2007, a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. Extended file compatibility,user […]

Microsoft shows indication for launching a 128 bit version of windows

Microsoft has been busy with developing and launching Windows 7 all this time. And with the last failure of Windows Vista , Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make windows 7 a hit, from launching a massive house party across the world to sending free version of Windows 7.Let us first know what the […]

Latest bug discovered in Windows 7 “Big News of the Week”

A new bug was discovered in Windows 7 , by us ( This window 7’s bug results in delayed/hanged start up. We disclose further details of the flaw in the latest release of Windows 7 and possible solution. Let me tell you it is not the blue screen of death on Windows 7 error it’s […]

Windows 7 RTM released, manufacture starts soon

Microsoft finally released Windows 7 RTM (Released to Manufacturers). This may be not a big news for customers but it means a lot for developers. Windows 7 RTM means it is finalized version and has completed editing and making changes to it.We hope Microsoft would release it’s windows soon, may be in a month or […]

Microsoft unleashes 20,000 lines of Linux code

Microsoft is releasing three Microsoft-developed Linux drivers to the Linux community for possible inclusion in the Linux source tree. This is one of the rare time when Microsoft does something for free and for the Linux community. Microsoft previously released part of the Linux Integration Components under the GPL, so this isn’t technically the first-ever […]

Microsoft Google war goes on getting dirtier day by day “In the Spotlight”

Google has been giving Microsoft tough competition in almost every way they could and in return Microsoft is also giving a head on head reply to Google. So we put a little light on what mess has these two tech giants have been in outdoing each other. Operating systemThis is the latest fight topic that […]

Microsoft Offie 2010 to have free online version like google docs

Microsoft has finally decided to launch an online version of its most famous office application “Microsoft Office 2010”. This decision came at a time when google has revealed of launching its own operating system soon. Shankee puts a look at what’s going on. Microsoft, after tiptoeing around in the online app space for many months, […]

Make Xp faster like never before with improved net and system speeds

5ctqxrd4y3 We all love XP for being simple and easy. Even after the launch of Windows 7 and Vista there are a lot of users still sticked to XP. So here is a trick or rather a collection of tricks to significantly improve the internet and system speeds. Just follow the steps invovled. It free […]