Top 10 Android application for webmaster & developers

There are whole bunch of webmasters who do not use their android smartphone up to its capacity. Generally people use it for posting comments on social networking sites, photos, videos, or to write some tweets. Android is so powerful that if we use it up to the capacity than we can complete most of the […]

Building your own linux with Slax

Linux gives it users the power no other operaring system could, now Slax takes it to the next level by giving you more power to build up your linux from the very basic. Slax is a linux which is built by the user. Additional software can be added and removed, using Slackware packages and Slax […]

Boot from a USB Flash Drive in VirtualBox

Storing the whole OS in a USB pendrive is very easy and saves us from creating and managing cd images. And we can carry our Linux OS with us in a USB pendrive very easily. So if you want to boot from a USB pendrive from virtualbox or VMware on a windows machine, you can […]

Jolicloud – the cloud based Linux

Cloud is the most talked about term in the tech world nowadays, so the opensource guys have released a new cloud-based Linux operating system called as JoliCloud. It was pretty fun using the OS and it looked quite familiar to Google’s Chrome OS. Jolicloud has chrome as default browser and had a lot of cloud […]

Unofficial Google Chrome OS’s LiveCd out now

Google and Canonical has been developing a new operating system, previously you needed to build it upon an Ubuntu machine and it was hectic. Recently we spotted the UNOFFICIAL Google Chrome OS. Its not developed by Google but by some other independent developers. With the Google Chrome OS getting delayed we have another Chrome OS […]

“Chrome OS” Google’s own operating system

Google finally launched its own operating system. Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web. Here you can review the project’s design docs, obtain the source code, and contribute. […]

Microsoft unleashes 20,000 lines of Linux code

Microsoft is releasing three Microsoft-developed Linux drivers to the Linux community for possible inclusion in the Linux source tree. This is one of the rare time when Microsoft does something for free and for the Linux community. Microsoft previously released part of the Linux Integration Components under the GPL, so this isn’t technically the first-ever […]

Linux Keyboard Shortcuts that you must know

Linux has always been my favorite Operating System, so I wanted all to know how great Linus OS are. Here are keyboard shortcuts for doing various tasks on a Linux machine. While most of the shortcuts listed are to be used exclusively for linux but I noticed a few of these are just a modification […]

Carry your system in your pocket with USB portable linux

You must be knowing about Linux’s live CD but do you know that you can also rum Linux from your pen-drive. Ya that is true carry your whole system on a simple USB flash drive. We were very excited to know this as it has a diverse range of applications. Such as you would never […]

Ubuntu linux “Software of the week”

Ubuntu Linux has been proved to be the ultimate operating system. It’s free, simple, easy to use, free of viruses, can’t be hacked (literally), uses least resources, great graphic user interface…The list is long and i would ultimately run out of words.Read below to know how to get the cd delivered free to your home […]