Trick Alexa to get a good rank for your blog

Alexa has been one of the favorite tool for knowing how good or bad a site is, it has been one of the most trusted site when it comes to analyzing traffic stats of the web. But my experiments with the site have revealed that it can be manipulated to make your site have a […]

Adding a 3 column footer to your blogger blog

Adding a footer is always useful and provide a great tool for your users to know more about your site. In my footer i have added the about me and also show the links to my twitter and facebook account. So you too could add a footer to your blogger blog having three columns like […]

Adding Social boomarking icons below each post

Learn how to add simple bookmarking icons to make it easier for your users to share your content. Put small icons to different social bookmarking and sharing sites below each post.We all know the importance of socially sharing our blog and publicizing it. It helps you gain traffic and also to brand your blog. So […]

Learning to Blog like a pro “Part 2”

Making a professional looking layout and editing it to suit your needs. Yes i tell you on how to make a blog like mine and you too could be a blogging pro. With sull customized header, layout and making your own content. See the full tutorial to know more. Please read this first- Shankee’s guide […]

Getting a good Rank in google with just one simple easy step

Having a top rank in Google is the holy grail for anyone who has a website. Organic Google traffic is free advertising and how most bloggers (especially those just starting out) achieve visitors and traffic to their site. It all comes down to a simple numbers game. Essentially, more traffic = more money-making opportunities from […]

Shankee has a logo now, learn to create one

Shankee has a logo now. After thinking on this for so many days i finally decided to make a favicon/logo for my blog Shankee. This decision came out as we are on a spree to branding and making ourselves different from others. We wanted a unique identity for our blog. Making an identity for yourself […]

Shankee’s Guide to making a professional blog

Many of you must wonder how i created this and other blogs ( At Shankee we don’t hide anything from our users, so we are going to reveal how you too can make a professional blog like Shankee. When i first made blog i just wanted to share my passion and knowledge for computers with […]