Listen to latest bollywood songs for free ” “

While browsing I just landed on an amazing site , This site lets its users listen to latest bollywood songs for free and too for free at no charge at all. Ganeshane has a huge database of the latest songs and great oldies as well. The interface is nicely designed and lets users browse […]

Iphone 3G S is it really that good, covering the good and the bad about it .

Iphone 3G S is launched and “S” stands for speed, Apple says this is the fastest Iphone with new software and hardware improvements. Shankee puts a hand on Iphone and tell you is it really that good or just a too much hyped about. CameraThe new Iphone has a 3 Megapixel camera and as Apple […]

Indoor GPS to help you navigate you to your favorite shop in a MALL

The GPS has revolutionized the way we travel and explore the world, going to unknown places as if we bwlong there only. But the biggest hindrance in its development is its non-functionality in covered places, inside a building even under a shade. But finally an indoor positioning system, similar to GPS, is being tested by […]