Geeks put flash on iPhone

Despite Steve Jobs’s ethical reservations, it’s clear that people want Flash on their iPads (or at the very least, developers want to find ways put it there). Recently we saw Smokescreen, a browser plug-in that pulls apart SWF binaries and reassembles them into something Apple-friendly.Taking a slightly different tack, the kids at the Artefact Group […]

Why IPad let us down !!

Apple has been very god at keeping up with expectations. It has got a great history of revealing products that changed the world like the Ipod, Iphone, Apple net books etc. So it was very obvious we had very high expectations when Apple was to launch a table PC. But it didn’t kept up with […]

Iphone 3G S is it really that good, covering the good and the bad about it .

Iphone 3G S is launched and “S” stands for speed, Apple says this is the fastest Iphone with new software and hardware improvements. Shankee puts a hand on Iphone and tell you is it really that good or just a too much hyped about. CameraThe new Iphone has a 3 Megapixel camera and as Apple […]