You can’t delete a facebook profile, can only deactivate it !

Ever wanted to delete your facebook profile and say bye to all your net friends. Sorry but u can’t, facebook only allows you to deactivate a profile and never deletes it. Its like luring the users to eventually come back.I wanted to delete my Facebook Profile but ended up finding that I can only deactivate […]

Opera 10.50 released, exciting new features

Opera has released the final version of Opera 10.50 web browser for Windows platform. Looks like Linux and Mac users will have to wait for a while. Boasted as the fastest web browser, Opera 10.50 features the new Opera Carakan JavaScript engine that claims to make the browser loajavascript:void(0)d pages faster. Opera 10.50 for Windows […]

Google: Desktop PCs to be “irrelevant” in 3 years

Are you still accessing net through your Desktop coomputer, then soon its the last place you would be accessing be from in the future, or as google’s speculations say. Google believes that in three years or so desktops will give way to mobile as the primary screen from which most people will consume information and […]

Bluetooth getting a major upgrade with version 4.0

When Bluetooth first arrived, everyone thought it won’t be really popular. But today almost every device that can afford to have bluetooth has it includng mobiles, laptops, cars, mp3 players etc.Now on its third major version, Bluetooth is about to hit another milestone with the release of Bluetooth 4.0, due before the end of the […] = Twitter + Delicious

This site provides a simple bookmarking service. They follow your twitter feed, and whenever one of your tweets contains URLs, they add them to your bookmarks. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you. They’ll even add a delicious tag identifying the sender if you like. The pack rat keeps track of the URLs you […]

Enable right click on websites

Lots of web sites have disabled the right click function of the mouse button. It’s really, really annoying. This is done so that you don’t steal (via right-click->save picture) their photos or images or any other goodies. Unfortunately, it disables ALL right-click functionality: copy, paste, open in new window. So here is the simple trick […]

Flickr now links with twitter, post pics directly to twitter

Flickr has been indicating integration with Twitter when it gave users option to add twitter account to Flickr profile. But now you can directly upload pictures to twitter from your flicker account. You are sure gonna see a lot of links on your twitter profile. So here’s how you add flickr2twitter About Flickr Twitter […]

Firefox 3.5 launched …Its faster , reliable and better

Firefox launched its new version Firefox 3.5 which is said to be much faster an more reliable than ever before. Firefox is the biggest competitor to Internet Explorer and its popularity is increasing ever since. It has been setting new records each time with a guiness record for most no. of downloads of its Firefox […]

Security Enhancement to make youself safe

Before you take on the Internet there are certain precautions that you must follow to prevent yourself from getting conned. I suggested a list of 10 things you can follow up.So here is a list you must follow: 1. Check Windows Update and Office Update regularly (_; have your Office CD ready. Windows Me, 2000, […]