Google will drive your car in future

Google is famous for doing things others never dreamed about. The latest technology that is the outcome of Google’s research is the automatic car driving software. This technology emphasizes upon car safety and efficiency. Larry and Sergey founded Google because they wanted to help solve really big problems using technology.The goal is to help prevent […]

BloomBox : This could power our house someday

An Indian Origin scientist has created a small fuel-cell that could one day be used in our homes to deliver electricity. K.R. Sridhar from Silicon Valley’s Bloom Energy has developed the device. Those two blocks can power the average high-consumption American home — one block can power the average European home.At least that’s the claim […]

MSI launches dualscreen ereader

There have been numerous specs about the ereader being launched from MSI, and yesterday at CES , we saw MSI’s new dual touch screen ereader. And it has got everything we would have actually asked from a ereader. Its more of a netbook than just being an ereader. It has an Atom Processor and WIndows […]

IBM develops world’s fatest transistor using Graphene

IBM claimed to build the world’s fastest Graphene transistor. The IBM researchers claimed to make a Graphene Field Effect Transistor that works at frequency ranges of few Giga hertz.This research could prove making of efficient and super speed computing device. Myself being a Electronic student know the importance of Transistor and the transition time and […]

India Space Scientists plans to reach Mars with solar sail and ion propagated engines

According to latest sources India now plans to now reach Mars after the recent victory over the Moon mission. And have put up indications to use the innovative Solar sail engines and the Ion Propulsion Engine. So we put a light on the latest revolutionary space technologies to unravel the hidden treasures of the Universe.We […]