Happy Indpendence day, Is India Happy really?

15th August 1947 was the day India got its independence from the Britishers. The whole India is celebrating the independence they got  years ago. But are we really happy and content with what India is. Here i (Shashank Agarwal) dedicate a post to the country i was born in – “INDIA”. India was the world’s […]

Michael Jackson may be no more but his music lives forever “A tribute to the King of Pop”

Micheal Jackson left the world with all of us to live with his music forever. The legend Michael Jackson has been idol for millions , the pop singer whose body has no bones and something that makes him unique in the universe. So we pay a tribute to the “king of pop” after he passed […]

Google Wave promises revolutionize communicating on the web “In the Spotlight”

Google wave is the next big thing happening around. I was so confused what actually Google wave is, so finally i decided to put it to test if it fits best on my expectations. Google said this about Google Wave “A wave is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together […]

UPA(Congress) government made it again a look at it”In the spotlight”

Congress has proved it that India is not going anymore on communal issues and want government to focus of development and stop the blame game. Congress was on the perfect win win situation as it has a huge no. of young entrepreneurs such as my favorites rahul ganfhi, sachin pilot and farooq abdullah. Finally PM […]

The era of LTTE ends, as their leader Prabhakaran dies “Shankee’s In the Spotlight”

After a gruesome battle that lasted days between the Srilankan Army and the LTTE ( Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam) finally ended. With a huge list of dead men on both sides. SriLankan army claims that they have ended a terror group while the LTTE who claimed that they fight for the rights of Tamil […]

Wolfram Alpha “In the Spotlight”

It has created a much speculation even weeks before anyone knew what it was all about. Yes, we are talking about Wolfram Alpha the revolutionary web browser that guaranteed to revolutionize the web search experience. Many have even taken is a a threat to the search engine giant Google.com. Wolfram Alpha is based on the […]