Why IPad let us down !!

Apple has been very god at keeping up with expectations. It has got a great history of revealing products that changed the world like the Ipod, Iphone, Apple net books etc. So it was very obvious we had very high expectations when Apple was to launch a table PC. But it didn’t kept up with […]

Chinese 32GB USB pendrive available for just Rs 200 or $5

Yes it is so true now you can get a 32 GB USB pendrive storage for just Rs 200 or about $5 . No its not some great technolgy from Kingston or Sandisk but the latest from Chinese markets. The electronic market if flooded with such pendrives and storage devices. The chinese pendrive is an […]

Say bye to big brick like laptop chargers, new technology enters.

As reported soon laptops would come without a charger, preventing you from carrying a large brick like charger everywhere with you. But you would still have to charge your laptop. The new technology also reduces the total power consumption by the charger when its not in use. The worst thing about any electronic gadget is […]