Getting a good Rank in google with just one simple easy step

Having a top rank in Google is the holy grail for anyone who has a website. Organic Google traffic is free advertising and how most bloggers (especially those just starting out) achieve visitors and traffic to their site. It all comes down to a simple numbers game. Essentially, more traffic = more money-making opportunities from […]

Services from google we love and recommend

Google has become more than a search engine, featuring well built services for anyone who ever used internet. Ranging from free blog hosting (blogger) to email (gmail), from social netorking (Orkut) to website maintenance (google aps) …. the list is so long. It is clear that we don’t hate yahoo ot microsoft but the fact […] is also goolge, googel, gogle, gooogle . . .Amazing Discovery

“goolge., googel, gogle, gooogle” No i am not bad at English not my keyboard is working improperly & also i know how to spell Why don’t you check these domains. Yes these redirect to .While i was trying to access, I accidentally misspelled Google and wrote some other resembling domain. I was […]

Search for HD large images on google and yahoo

Use Google and Yahoo search to get the best wallpapers of your desired size.For images larger than 1024X768 resolution.This trick was discovered when i wanted to see extra large images of Aishwarya Rai and i finally ended up discovering this – click here You could never imagine how good these images can be, i figured […]

Android creates speculation over its name – gets sued

The latest speculation created by Android is not on some new launch or feature but the name itself. According to Forbes, a software developer named Erich Specht who also happens to be an ISP is suing the search giant for using the name Android. Not only is Specht suing Google, he’s also intent on doing […]