Apple rejects Google Voice inclusion in Apple Store

Apple has yet done something much un-expected and rejected Google Voice from being available on Apple Store. Google Voice is an allpication that lets users make and receive calls from a single number , send SMS and make cheap long distance calls.Engadget reports that Apple has slammed the door on Google Voice, an app that […]

Status Search: A Search Engine For What Your Friends Are Saying Online

Looking through Facebook, Orkut and Twitter to know what other people are doing, now you have a better way to know status of your friends.But sometimes it’s even more useful to search only the status updates published by your friends and family, like when you’re looking for something specific to your social circle or only […]

Microsoft Google war goes on getting dirtier day by day “In the Spotlight”

Google has been giving Microsoft tough competition in almost every way they could and in return Microsoft is also giving a head on head reply to Google. So we put a little light on what mess has these two tech giants have been in outdoing each other. Operating systemThis is the latest fight topic that […]

Microsoft Offie 2010 to have free online version like google docs

Microsoft has finally decided to launch an online version of its most famous office application “Microsoft Office 2010”. This decision came at a time when google has revealed of launching its own operating system soon. Shankee puts a look at what’s going on. Microsoft, after tiptoeing around in the online app space for many months, […]

Google to launch its own Operating System “Google Chrome OS”

Google has now decided to launch its own operating system, the Google Chrome OS. After the success of simple and fast Google Chrome, Google has decided to give its users an amazing operating system that they would have never seen before. As reported by Google on The Official Google blog, Google is set to launch […]

Use both Bing and Google together to search more effectively

We all want to get the best result out of search engines. With the latest buss created by Bing that some say shows great search results while others prefer sticking to the search giant Google. But what if you can use both. Yes a new website lets you search both Google and Bing at the […]

Fight with google keywords using Googlefight, know how popular you are on google

Now you can check and compare the popularity of any keyword with Google-fight .The service lets you know how much a site or keyword is popular on It is a really good tool to know how famous your site, product or any particular keyword is and compare that with your competitor. Googlefight just compares […]

Google secrets unleash the power of searching

Most people just put in a few keywords and wait for the desirable results to be served. But most people don’t use is to the fullest. But have you ever thought of what you could actually do with Google. But Google is an remarkably powerful tool that can ease and enhance your Internet exploration. Google’s […]

Great Gmail Addons to make your life easier

We all love Gmail, so here is a few more Gmail addons to make your life more easier and also to enjoy the love for Google’s mail service. Have a look at all 30 of them. FIREFOX EXTENSIONS Gspace – multi-platform firefox addon that turns your gmail account into powerful online storage tool Gmail Search […]

Google Wave promises revolutionize communicating on the web “In the Spotlight”

Google wave is the next big thing happening around. I was so confused what actually Google wave is, so finally i decided to put it to test if it fits best on my expectations. Google said this about Google Wave “A wave is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together […]