Can recycling plastic be bad for environment

The big question is here “Can recycling plastic bags be bad for environment ?”. This question is not correctly framed we mean “Is banning plastic bags bad for environment?’. This question has been coming in front of the Indian Government again and again, and still Supreme Court has not passed any law forcing ban on […]

Mobile giants agree on making a standard phone charger

The biggest mobile chargers of the world have agreed on using the same charger for all their phones. This would remove the extra burden from the customers of carrying different charger for different devices.Every Mobile manufacturer provided a charger that was exclusively made for the device and could not be used on any other mobile […]

Hackers steal data just by using elctrical outlets and cheap lasers

Stealing Data with just putting a plug in the electrical switch in the next room would have been seen as a part sci-fi movie but it is no longer fiction. Hackers have created ways to steals your data while you are typing on your keyboard even from as much as 15 meters away. The hack […]

Chinese 32GB USB pendrive available for just Rs 200 or $5

Yes it is so true now you can get a 32 GB USB pendrive storage for just Rs 200 or about $5 . No its not some great technolgy from Kingston or Sandisk but the latest from Chinese markets. The electronic market if flooded with such pendrives and storage devices. The chinese pendrive is an […]

Amazing Green house made from crap and recycled materials

Argentinean architects Gustavo Dieguez and Lucas Gilardi of Estudio a77 have turned an old 1950s made house into a beautiful dream house in Buinos Aires just by using scrap material they found around. At first when i saw the house i thought it to be a mansion made from putting in huge sums of money […]

Say bye to big brick like laptop chargers, new technology enters.

As reported soon laptops would come without a charger, preventing you from carrying a large brick like charger everywhere with you. But you would still have to charge your laptop. The new technology also reduces the total power consumption by the charger when its not in use. The worst thing about any electronic gadget is […]