Google will drive your car in future

Google is famous for doing things others never dreamed about. The latest technology that is the outcome of Google’s research is the automatic car driving software. This technology emphasizes upon car safety and efficiency. Larry and Sergey founded Google because they wanted to help solve really big problems using technology.The goal is to help prevent […]

Google: Desktop PCs to be “irrelevant” in 3 years

Are you still accessing net through your Desktop coomputer, then soon its the last place you would be accessing be from in the future, or as google’s speculations say. Google believes that in three years or so desktops will give way to mobile as the primary screen from which most people will consume information and […]

BloomBox : This could power our house someday

An Indian Origin scientist has created a small fuel-cell that could one day be used in our homes to deliver electricity. K.R. Sridhar from Silicon Valley’s Bloom Energy has developed the device. Those two blocks can power the average high-consumption American home — one block can power the average European home.At least that’s the claim […]

Blue-Crystal The Iceberg hotel in dubai?

You might have heard about the ice-hotel in Russia, which architects build around the Christmas each year. Dubai is getting a permanent ice hotel, Blue Crystal that would float in the ocean around the year.Dubai has been turned into city of magnificent structures that has never been ever been build anywhere else in the world. […]

Movies to be sold on USB thumbdrives this year

The plan, from Sonic Solutions, the company which operates the Roxio CinemaNow service, is to have the movie-loaded drives on store shelves in the fourth quarter of the year.The company hasn’t offered complete details on the plan yet: The titles it will offer at launch have not been announced, nor has pricing for the drives […]

IBM develops world’s fatest transistor using Graphene

IBM claimed to build the world’s fastest Graphene transistor. The IBM researchers claimed to make a Graphene Field Effect Transistor that works at frequency ranges of few Giga hertz.This research could prove making of efficient and super speed computing device. Myself being a Electronic student know the importance of Transistor and the transition time and […]

BMW’s GINA “The car made out of cloth”

The world has been witnessing awesome concept cars whose designers claim that these will change the world. But BMW has made the greatest approach at this by making a shape changing car that is made of a frame covered with super fabric. This is something that is totally innovative and opens a new field of […]

Documents that get erased after being read

You must have seen in Harry Potter movies when some letters gets teared apart and destroyed after the message has been conveyed, but it is no longer fiction as scientist have made special documents that when coated with a special layer of nano-particles would get erased by themselves when read once. A team at Northwestern […]

Take pictures with invisible flash

Its night time and suddenly someone takes a picture, and stuns your eyes with the sudden flash of light. Flash is the most annoying part of being photographed, but that soon will be changed with the new invisible-flash cameras. Dilip Krishnan and Rob Fergus at New York University have built a “dark flash” camera which […]

Microsoft Google war goes on getting dirtier day by day “In the Spotlight”

Google has been giving Microsoft tough competition in almost every way they could and in return Microsoft is also giving a head on head reply to Google. So we put a little light on what mess has these two tech giants have been in outdoing each other. Operating systemThis is the latest fight topic that […]