Solving a Rubik’s cube you too can do it

Everyone of us would have tried and wished so hard to solve the rubik’s cube, but most of us failed. But my thirst for solving rubik’s cube was never quenchd and finally i took a little help from Youtube saw a few turotrials and i was able to solve it finally.See the tutorials mentioned below […]

Hackers steal data just by using elctrical outlets and cheap lasers

Stealing Data with just putting a plug in the electrical switch in the next room would have been seen as a part sci-fi movie but it is no longer fiction. Hackers have created ways to steals your data while you are typing on your keyboard even from as much as 15 meters away. The hack […]

Fight with google keywords using Googlefight, know how popular you are on google

Now you can check and compare the popularity of any keyword with Google-fight .The service lets you know how much a site or keyword is popular on It is a really good tool to know how famous your site, product or any particular keyword is and compare that with your competitor. Googlefight just compares […]