Hacking facebook on wifi LAN part 2

Im back with the second part of the post. At the end of the last post, we successfully re-routed all the traffic from the victim’s computer to the router through our computer.Next, we have to capture their facebook cookies through wireshark. So How do you go about doing that? It’s very simple actually. Open up […]

Add Facebook chat to Pidgin

Want to keep in touch with your Facebook friends throughout the day?  Here we’ll show you how to easily add Facebook chat to the popular multi-protocol chat client Pidgin. Facebook has recently added support for XMPP chat, which means you can easily add it to popular chat clients such as Pidgin.  Previously you could only […]

You can’t delete a facebook profile, can only deactivate it !

Ever wanted to delete your facebook profile and say bye to all your net friends. Sorry but u can’t, facebook only allows you to deactivate a profile and never deletes it. Its like luring the users to eventually come back.I wanted to delete my Facebook Profile but ended up finding that I can only deactivate […]