Google’s innovation in Solar technology

Hard on the heels of being approved by the FTC to buy and sell energy, Google has announced what they see as a significant breakthrough in the materials used to concentrate the sun’s rays in solar thermal technology plants. Solar thermal plans work by focusing the rays of the sun on water in order to […]

16 year old decomposes plastic in just 3 months

A 16 year old science fair participant Daniel Burd demonstrated how he decomposed plastic bags in just 3 months . As we all know plastic takes thousands of years to finally get decomposed, but if the process discovered by the boy goes fine we have a better solution to cope with plastic junk on the […]

Services from google we love and recommend

Google has become more than a search engine, featuring well built services for anyone who ever used internet. Ranging from free blog hosting (blogger) to email (gmail), from social netorking (Orkut) to website maintenance (google aps) …. the list is so long. It is clear that we don’t hate yahoo ot microsoft but the fact […]