Black money and corruption menace in India: Lecture by Dr. Subramanian Swamy in Atlanta

Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s public lecture on Black Money and Corruption menace in India organized by India Awareness Foundation (IAF) on August 6 (Saturday), 2011 in Atlanta, GA, USA. PRESS RELEASE In recent months political activism has increased dramatically with many making nationalist demands and challenging the Corruption issues in India. In the forefront have been […]

Fodder Scam India , big leaders never get jailed

Fodder Scam The Fodder Scam involved hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged fraudulent reimbursements from the treasury of Bihar state for fodder, medicines and husbandry supplies for non-existent livestock. The Fodder Scam (Hindi: चारा घोटाला, chārā ghoṭālā) was a corruption scandal that involved the alleged embezzlement of about Rs. 950 crore (US$ 195.7 million) […]

How to save INDIA from corruption by using RTI Act?

In this article we have talked about the RTI (Right to Information) act. This act, has given the people, the power to CHANGE the country. The RTI act has made the inner working of the Govt. transparent! If YOU, the average citizen learns to use this act, YOU can change the country. In this article, […]