Michael Jackson may be no more but his music lives forever “A tribute to the King of Pop”

Micheal Jackson left the world with all of us to live with his music forever. The legend Michael Jackson has been idol for millions , the pop singer whose body has no bones and something that makes him unique in the universe. So we pay a tribute to the “king of pop” after he passed […]

Laci Green “Personality of the week”

Laci Green is the shankee’s celeb of the week. So do you know who she is, she makes videos of herself and has been watched over millions of times. Still don’t get it – she is a 19 year old youtuber who makes videos of herself and post them on Youtube.Laci Green is one of […]

Katrina Kaif “Shankee celeb of the week”

Katrina Kaif is the Shankee’s “Celeb of the Week”.She was our obvious choice as being the most searched name on the internet and also for being one of my favorite actress. Katrina Kaif is one of the most multi-cultural personality you would come across. Katrina was born in Hong-Kong to a Indian Kashmiri father and […]

Kate Winslet “Shankee’s Celeb of the week”

Kate Winslet is my favorite female actor and i couldn’t resist myself from writing about her. She is most beautiful natural beauty and has been voted the most beautiful in the world a no. of times in various categories. So this post is dedicated to the beauty-queen.As a testament to her talent, Kate Winslet is […]