over 50000 deads miss or buried in china quake…

HANWANG, China (AP) — Military helicopters dropped food and medicine to Chinese earthquake survivors who remained cut off Wednesday in remote mountain villages behind roads clogged by landslides. The official death toll rose to nearly 15,000, and state media said tens of thousands more were buried or missing.
As help began to arrive in some of the hardest-to-reach areas, some victims trapped for more than two days under collapsed buildings were still being pulled out alive. But the enormous scale of the devastation meant that resources were stretched thin, and makeshift aid stations and refugee centers were springing up over the disaster area the size of Maryland.
The official Xinhua News Agency quoted government officials as saying rescuers who hiked Wednesday into the city of Yingxiu in Wenchuan county — the epicenter of Monday’s magnitude 7.9 quake — found it “much worse than expected.”
The official death toll rose Wednesday to 14,866, Xinhua said, but it was not immediately clear if that number included the 7,700 reported dead in Yingxiu. In Sichuan province alone, another 25,788 people were buried and 14,051 missing, provincial vice governor Li Chengyun said, according to Xinhua

free ubuntu linux cds

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Put your name in space…..


i found out this cool thing on NASA..

they wud be launching a mission to search for earth like planets… in 2009..

so they gave out everyone an wonderful oppurtunity to send their names along with the spacecraft.. i got this certificate after this..

i want all my blog readers to do this… its awesome…

just go to the below site and follow wat it says……..

wat a day…

wat a day was today………

it was my first exam and feels like i have been through a war……

well i was so nervous for the exam that i started answerin the question as soon as i received my question paper……….

and u know wat i finished my whole exam in just 1hr and 40 min…

the paper was of 3 hrs……….

and for the nest half hour i was just peeking here and der….

i checked my paper sheet twice…….

and when it went our of toleration i gave my answer sheet to the examiner and went to my home………

today actually i roamed the whole city wid my frnd actually for no use at alll….

i wanted to enjoy the day……….

well i sort of did that……
now my UPS is goin nuts…..
better go and publish this one….or i’ll hav to do it over….

most beautiful women ever..

i am crazy over beautiful girls..and the uncompetent winner are found out to be these..
1. kareena i love her truly…
2. Madhubala.. havent seen anyone awesome than her….
3. Katrina kaif..
4. Natalie glebova..former miss universe
5. Ana Beatriz Barros ..super model
my secondary list includes..they come below the above galzz
ayesha takia
aishwarya rai
katie holmes
lindsay lohan
marilyn monroe
maria sharapova
rachel weisz

thats it…
well if i found some more i’ll sure tell tem here
i have a few more names but i know u won’t recognize them as they are not famous at all..actually i have met those gals in real…u know commoners not celebrity

i dont know..my mind is wandering all over

lasi night i cudn’t sleep i don’t know why…
well may be i slept too long the day before….

wel i have a few days for my exams and i m like wastin my time here at this damn blog…..
wat the hell wid me…
amy be i’ll study at nite..not like yestrday when i had the copy for just half an hour in my hands..
and i got bored……

well i am stuch to this bloogin thing…i don’t know why..
i found my name in the google search today in topd ten…try searching for me..typ this..
shashank agarwal aligarh –in google…
and i am at 2 places .at last of page…

i guess i had to be soon start studin or else i’ll end up messing my first exam….
but i m not feelin the ease on studin at all…

i’ll hav to do somethin really very soon….or i m all messed up ….
well not much to write abt todya as i was whole day at my home hooked to this net thing….
well take care then

Nokia’s nanotech Morph goes on display, signals melting devices in our future

Amazingly awesome phone…………
Morph is a concept that demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shapes. It demonstrates the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology might be capable of delivering: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces. Dr. Bob Iannucci, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia, commented: “Nokia Research Center is looking at ways to reinvent the form and function of mobile devices; the Morph concept shows what might be possible”. The unit is included in the MoMA’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition catalog, and boasts the ability to stretch and flex to almost any shape a user could think of. The nanotechnology-based device would deliver transparent electronics, self-cleaning surfaces, and the malleability to transform into any number of configurations. Of course, the actual technology required to put this together is years or even decades away, though Nokia expects to see some of these innovations making their way into high-end products within seven years. See the device doing its thing in some photos after the break.

mahabharat and kurukshetra war…

while i was seraching for some data on the bhima’s son that is shown below i actually read a lot about the mahabharata and the war which went for 18 days… and about yudhishtra

The whole story is really awesome you cud find it here…

well i came to know some mind boggling facts…

the armies were massive–

pandavas had–7 Akshauhinis1,530,900 soldiers

and kaurvas–11 Akshauhinis2,405,700 soldiers

u wud notice all no. add up to 18..thats supposed to be a mythical figure.dont know why….

and the war went on for 10days and each day is full of great stories, personal conflicts and great mind games…

and most amazing thing- after the war the total survivor were 10–can u imagine that..10

and rest some 39lakh dead men….

the men who survived were– the five Pandavas, Krishna, and Satyaki on pandava side..and

Ashwatthama, Kripa, and Kritavarmaon the kaurva side…

someone also told me that the kurukshetra ground is still RED wid blood..may be..coz 4 million something is no small stuff…

great thing man…do read it once…

Bhima ‘s son…awesome pic

See the two man standin beside the skeleton.. and the huge digger….
I still don’t know if its real…

coz i just can’t imagine a man of this size just see this pic…

they found a massive skeleton which is supposedly thought to be of ghatotkach -Bhima’s son..one of the pandavas from mahabharat….

well i read a lot about that…

and i found bhima’s son was massive and was part of the kurukshetra war..ad was defeated by karna by using the indrastra the ultimate weapon of that time…

and when ghatotkach died he fell on the kaurva army killing hundred of men…..