over 50000 deads miss or buried in china quake…

HANWANG, China (AP) — Military helicopters dropped food and medicine to Chinese earthquake survivors who remained cut off Wednesday in remote mountain villages behind roads clogged by landslides. The official death toll rose to nearly 15,000, and state media said tens of thousands more were buried or missing.As help began to arrive in some of […]

free ubuntu linux cds

get free ubuntu cds………. u know ubuntu the great UNIX operating system…….. u get the cds delivered to ur home……….. just go to these sites…all are for different OSs http://www.shipit.ubuntu.com/ for kubuntu http://www.shipit.kubuntu.org/ for edubuntu http://www.shipit.edubuntu.org/ but u gotta promise me that u’ll install it on ur sys.. i have vista and ubuntu on my […]

most beautiful women ever..

i am crazy over beautiful girls..and the uncompetent winner are found out to be these..1. kareena i love her truly…2. Madhubala.. havent seen anyone awesome than her….3. Katrina kaif..4. Natalie glebova..former miss universe5. Ana Beatriz Barros ..super modelmy secondary list includes..they come below the above galzzayesha takiaaishwarya raikatie holmeslindsay lohanmarilyn monroemaria sharapovarachel weisz thats it…well […]

Nokia’s nanotech Morph goes on display, signals melting devices in our future

Amazingly awesome phone………… Morph is a concept that demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shapes. It demonstrates the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology might be capable of delivering: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces. Dr. Bob Iannucci, Chief Technology Officer, […]

mahabharat and kurukshetra war…

while i was seraching for some data on the bhima’s son that is shown below i actually read a lot about the mahabharata and the war which went for 18 days… and about yudhishtra The whole story is really awesome you cud find it here… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahabharata http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurukshetra_war well i came to know some mind boggling […]