You can’t delete a facebook profile, can only deactivate it !

Ever wanted to delete your facebook profile and say bye to all your net friends. Sorry but u can’t, facebook only allows you to deactivate a profile and never deletes it. Its like luring the users to eventually come back.
I wanted to delete my Facebook Profile but ended up finding that I can only deactivate that. On further research i found that if you deactivate your profile for more than 2 weeks it gets permanently deleted. But that’s not what it turned out. As i de-activated my facebook profile for over 3 weeks and when i logged back in it was like before as if I was never gone.
I am still searching for ways to delete your facebook profile.

I just hate the fact that my data is saved comewhere in facebook’s database even when i am not at facebook. The only way I found out was to yourself delete all your profile data including all your info, photos and comments one by one and then deactivating.

Please suggest any other option if you come through one.


We found the procedure to delete a facebook profile at wikihow. i have not tested it yet so it might not be authentic. But still try that if you want to delete your facebook profile.

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