Nokia launches it’s first dual-sim phone

Nokia launches its two new “Dual SIM” phones- the C1-00 and C2. They are both low-end candybars having minimal features and might not suit the feature hungry people but are great for travelers.

They both have Symbian S40, (there is no 3G). They have bluetooth and VGA camera. C1-00 has a VGA camera, microSD card slot, media player and FM radio, with a retail price of 30 Euros ($36) up-front. The second dual-SIM phone, the C2, also comes with Ovi Mail, chat and a web browser, with a standby battery life of 16.5 days, and costs 45 Euros ($55).

Nokia's First Dual-SIM Phones Could Get You In a Load of Trouble
Both have that dual-SIM goodness though, so if you can manage to explain to your wife why you are ditching your iPhone for a phone like you used to own 10 years ago, then go for it. Calls and texts can be sent from both phone numbers at the same time on the C2, whereas the C1 can hold two SIM cards at once, with the ability to switch between the two numbers at the press of a button. That’d be handy for travelers, who happen to pick up a SIM card in another country.

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