NASA says “life may exist on Titan”

According to the experts the “data provided by the spacecraft, was analyzed despite the chemical complexity of the surface of Titan, the only known moon that has a dense atmosphere. Its surface is steep and it formed by mountains, lakes and rivers, leading astronomers to say that this moon is the closest to Earth in the Solar System. Were detected organic elements and chemicals in Titan, but the planet is no formed by liquid water, but methane, as scientists suspect life on Titan is based on methane. “

The first report published by “Dailymail”, says that “the hydrogen flowing in the atmosphere of Titan, disappears into the surface, which could say that this hydrogen is breathed by the aliens.”

The second report states that “there is a lack of certain chemicals on the surface of Saturn’s moon. This evidence comprises two very important and necessary conditions to exist in Titan’s methane-based life. “

Chris McKay, NASA astrobiologist declared to “Dailymail” that “If these signals are converted into a sign of life, it is doubly interesting because they represent a second way of life that had nothing to do with water based life we know on Earth.

Scientists believe that “More heat from the sun on Titan is necessary so that living conditions are absolutely ideal.”

Professor John Zarnecki, of the ‘Open University’, said that “within four billion years, when the sun grows bigger, Titan will be a paradise.

NASA, in its latest findings, says that Titan could be a haven for primitive life forms owing to its atmosphere, the densest known amongst all the moons. The findings are based on the data sent by the Cassini space probe which was launched back in 1997 and is still sending data whilst orbiting Saturn, 12 years on.

The latest findings have been compiled into two papers and according to them, there is evidence that the presence of hydrogen in the upper layers of the atmosphere slowly disappears as you go down – pointing towards the evidence of Hydrogen being used up by living beings present on the surface of the moon. This points toward a life form that is different from the water based life for as we know it on Earth. Life forms on the Titan, as the report states, would be methane based.

While it might be heartening to note that there could be possibility of life on a moon not far from the Earth (in astronomical terms), the Titan is still a toxic hell for us humans to be there. However, in about 4 billion years time, when the Sun expands and becomes a red giant, parching the Earth and killing all life forms in it, the Titan could prove to be a second abode and a virtual paradise.

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