Feedjit now serves 1 Billion widgets across the web

Feedjit, which offers website publishers and bloggers a live traffic widget that lets them see who is visiting their site(s) in real time, is now serving over 1 billion widget impressions per month on a network of more than 530,000 online properties.

According to co-founder and CEO Mark Maunder, Feedjit widgets reach over 150 million unique users on a monthly basis.

The startup has made a strong key hire, appointing RescueTime co-founder and former CEO Tony Wright as Head of Product.

Over the weekend, Feedjit also launched a totally new design for both the Feedjit.com website and the Live Traffic Feed, improving the ability to customize widgets and making for a generally faster experienced thanks to upgraded back-end systems.

Feedjit now lets site visitors appear in live traffic feed widgets in real-time, while linking directly to their respective Twitter and Facebook profile pages.

Feedjit quietly closed a seed round back in 2008, from a trio of angel investors made up of Naval Ravikant, Aydin Senkut (former senior manager at Google who now runs Felicis Ventures) and Georges Harik (former Director of Googlettes at Google).

Having raised less than half a million dollars, it’s pretty amazing for Feedjit to have grown up to become one one of the largest widget providers on the Web today.

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