Why IPad let us down !!

Apple has been very god at keeping up with expectations. It has got a great history of revealing products that changed the world like the Ipod, Iphone, Apple net books etc. So it was very obvious we had very high expectations when Apple was to launch a table PC. But it didn’t kept up with the users expectations. Let’s see what wrong with Ipad.

IPad is what we feel just an “enlarged Iphone” and nothing else. It has the same look and feel of an Iphone OS. It even don’t have a camera. Let’s put a look at what it has and what is doesn’t have.

iPad super

What is has-

  • Full touchscreen- Full multi-touch screen with superb clarity
  • Awesome Interface- We love the Iphone Interface, you would find the something similar here.
  • Superb Web Browser- Safari at its best, offering the best web experience you would ever have.
  • Applications- The full Apple App store with millions of applications to chose from.
  • Itunes-Sync your files easily.
  • Youtube-Watch live streamed videos.
  • iBooks-Read on tht go.
  • Maps-Never get lost.
  • And much more..

But, aren’t we getting above all in the Iphone as well. So what’s new with the Ipad. We imagined Ipad not as an extended iphone but as a bridge between our laptops and smart-phones. It should have been much more than what it delivers now..

What’s missing-

USB Ports- This is the most important feature for me. but i guess Apple has completely forgotten adding any USB ports to the device. So you can not add any addition storage devices, can’t connect other hardware using the USB etc.

No disc Drives- There are no disc drives at all, so for movies you have to rely completely on iTunes and dat sucks . As in countries like India movies might take a lot of time before they appear on the iTunes.

No OS- We wished that iPad had Macintosh in it but it has iPhone’s OS. And that means you have to rely only on the Apple Application store for all you needs. You can not install applications outside that.
Hate iPad
No Camera-That’s the only one thing that’s not common with the iPhone- a missing camera. Atlease they can provide a small camera for the video calls we might want to make using 3G.
I hate the iPad
So in totality we are with an unimpressive enlarged iPhone. There have been specs of an iPad super or enhanced iPad with all these features but rumors are rumors. We can hope that iPad may have a super bug brother with all these features.

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