Opera 10.50 released, exciting new features

Opera has released the final version of Opera 10.50 web browser for Windows platform. Looks like Linux and Mac users will have to wait for a while. Boasted as the fastest web browser, Opera 10.50 features the new Opera Carakan JavaScript engine that claims to make the browser loajavascript:void(0)d pages faster. Opera 10.50 for Windows obviously supports all existing innovations of Opera – Opera Unite, Opera Turbo, Opera Link and Private browsing.

Download Opera 10.50 for Windows from this page – http://www.opera.com/download

Opera’s Carakan JavaScript engine is claimed to be the faster when clubbed with the Presto 2.5 rendering engine that supports HTML5 and CSS3. The new “O” Tab menu in the revamped slick user interface that still supports Visual Tabs and customizable Speed dial. Windows 7 users will have gala-time using Opera 10.50 since it supports the operating system’s eye-candy features like Aero Peek, Aero Glass, and Jump lists.

Other cosmetic changes come in the form of the new Zoom interface overlay menu in the right hand corner that gives a bar like control for zooming a web page to maximum three times the original size. Even the Address fields have been made smarter.

For security while browsing, Opera 10.50 offers Fraud Protection and Extended Validation certificates. Opera also brings a Private browsing option with this version of the web browser wherein users get an option to open up a private Tab or Private window. Get more overview of all changes made in this final version of Opera 10.50 here.

Opera 10.50 Mac and Linux version are expected soon.

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