Free books for Bloggers to review

Authors are always eager to get reviews about their work, while readers are always looking for source for good books. Book-Sneeze makes it possible for both of them to fulfill this. Booksneeze sends books to blogger to be read and reviewed on their blog, and in return they let the blogger keep the book.

To get books from Book-Sneeze you first need to get your blog registered as the sit, they would review your blog. And on acceptance they would ask you to select a book from a list of available books that would be sent to you through post. You have to read the book and write a review about it on your blog. You can not order another book until you have reviewed the last one.

The concept is quite good as the authors don’t have to pay for blogger to write about them and the blogger gets to keep the book. They deliver the books all around the world but if you are living somewhere but USA the delivery might take a while.

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