Making your desktop come alive with BumpTop

BumpTop screenBumtop makes your decktop interactive, as if it is a table or a box and all the files or icons are objects in real life. Lets you toss them, pile them and do a lot of stuff u might do in real life with small material things.

Shankee Bumptop screen and iconsBumpTop makes your pixels come to life. Grab, toss, pile and sort your icons and watch them respond with stunning lifelike motion simulated with nVidia PhysX, a gaming grade physics engine. Your flat desktop will pop with BumpTop’s saucy 3D visuals and new organization possibilities. Pimp out your space with Themes. Choose from all the user created themes or make your own and share it with the world. BumpTop’s walls and background are totally customizable.Sideview of the wall of shankee bumptop screen

Even though not to be used forever Bumtop is a good thing to try and have fun with the way you use your desktop, it certainly has given a new meaning to the name “Active Desktop”. Bumptop Logo“Research shows that just about everyone creates piles on their real desks, and many people rely on piling and stacking to keep organized. In contrast, the PC desktop forces users into inflexible folder hierarchies, and has maintained the same rigid and flat look and feel for decades,” said BumpTop co-founder and CEO Anand Agarawala. “BumpTop takes advantage of how human beings work and play using real interactions like tossing, piling and bumping. It increases productivity, connects you to your social networks and just makes life easier.”Download BumTop here

See this video to know how BumpTop works

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