Installing Google’s “GO” on Ubuntu

GOlang logoLast month we told you about (Google’s OOPS based language GO)the new Object Oriented language launched by Google called “GO”. So today we tell you how to install that on an Ubuntu Machine. And ya still i haven’t came through a method to use GO on a windows machine.

Here’s how we install GO on Ubuntu 9.04

1) Install Pre-requisites on ubuntu.

You need gcc and some supporting software like bison to compile go. Install the following.

 $ sudo apt-get install bison gcc libc6-dev ed.

The go repository uses mercurial version controls system .
Install mercurial with the following command.

$ apt-get install mercurial

2 Set up the environment variables.

I am assuming that you are planning to install go under a folder
named go in your home directory.

In my case it is /home/fermi/go

Create it with

$mkdir go

Now create another direcory inside go .

$ mkdir go/bin

The above directory will contain your go compiler.
Next, you have to set u several variables.

$ export  GOROOT=/home/fermi/go/hg
$ export GOOS=linux

$ export GOARCH=386
$ export GOBIN=/home/fermi/go/bin

( Note: You need not create the folder hg. You can also add the above
four lines along with the PATH variable below to the .bashrc file
if you are planning to use go regularly.)

Update your PATH variable .

$ export PATH=$PATH:$GOBIN

Check the environment variables with.

$ env | grep '^GO'

I got like this.


3) Grab the source code from mercurial

$hg clone -r release $GOROOT 

It created
/home/fermi/go/hg and downloaded several files to it.
To build the Go distribution run.

4) Compile Go

$ cd $GOROOT/src
$ ./all.bash

Now wait for some time. The compilations will proceed and will be
completed with the following message

--- cd ../test
N known bugs; 0 unexpected bugs

5) Test go
Your go language system is ready to go.:D
Now let us write a hello world program and test it.

Create the following program in your favourite editor and save it as hello.go

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
fmt.Printf("hello, worldn")

To compile hello.go run.

 $ 8g hello.go

The above command produced and intermediate file hello.8.
Next you have to link it.

$ 8l hello.8

The executable is placed as 8.out. Finally run the executable.


There are lot of tutorials on the net, the main golang group is Golang-nuts
there you will find a lot of tutorials and people to help you.

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