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Recently Shahrukh joined twitter, Indian celebs on twitterbut i came to one conclusion still twitter is away from twitter. I don’t have much of my friends on twitter, we are seeing rise in Indian community on facebook but still not on twitter. So here to spread some awareness about twitter, I’ll write about the Indian celebs on twitter.

This is the most complete list you could ever find of all Indian celebrities on twitter. I have categorised the lists according to profession such as there is a different list for Indian actress/actor on twitter and a separate list for Indian politicians on twitter….

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Indian Actor/actresses on twitter

Shahrukh khan
Shahrukh need no introduction, he is the latest one to join the twitter brigade. He got over 22,000 followers on day 1. I am not posting his followers as they would be increasing exponentially. And when i wrote this post shahrukh didn’t had a profile pic on twitter.

Gul Panag
Gul Panag the indian actress has really been quite a net addict. She is one of the first indian celebrity to blog frequently and was one of the first few to join twitter.

Shahid Kapoor

Mallika Sherawat
She was one of the first asian celeb to be invited to twitter office. She really tweets frequently.

Ritesh Deshmukh
I was surprised to see ritesh and even more surtised to see how frequently he acutally tweets. He follows a lot of Indian celebs on twitter.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay is also on twitter, though he don’t tweets that frequent. And the low no. of his followers quite surprised me. It felt as if he was unspotted by media yet. As if no one knew he is also on twitter.

Abhishek Bhachhan
He certainly has a very strange nickname. But he surely has a lot of followers. And ya his father Amitabh Bachhan and wife Aishwarya are not on twitter.

Other celebs that i found on twitter, click on their name to go to their twitter page .

Indian Singers on twitter

VJs on twitter

Other famous celebs

These are the blog list of some famous celebs..

Indian Bollywood Celebrities and their blogs

Indian Politicians

And ya Katrina Kaif is not on twitter .
Please tell us if someone was left out. And do tell if any account leads to a fake celebrity.

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  1. Likewise, i said in olders posts too.

    Like deserves like, If listeners are willing to listen good, the artists are going to give the good.

    I'm always a big fan of indian classical, but the new raps and remixes have changed my mind. They sing it so well.

    I rank 10of10 🙂

  2. Found actor nikhil dwivedi on in twitter it seems:

    he also blogs!

  3. also a few TV actors are on twitter:
    KD pathak (adaalat): Ronit Roy ‏ @RonitBoseRoy
    Varun (adaalat):Romit Raj ‏ @RajRomit
    Ram kapoor (Bare ache lagte hain):Ram Kapoor ‏ @ramkapoor1973
    neha ((Bare ache lagte hain): Tarana Raja ‏ @TaranaRaja
    rocky (paravarish) : Tapasvi mehta ‏ @tapas0017
    Aashika Bhatia ‏ @Ashika_Bhatia
    Terence Lewis ‏ @terencelewisTL
    Sony TV, MAX and SAB ‏ @SonyTVNetwork
    ZeeTv ‏ @ZeeTvChannel
    Bade Ache Lagte Hai ‏ @BadeAcheLgteHai
    Ranveer Singh ‏ @RanveerOfficial
    boman irani ‏ @bomanirani

    yah. i'm a twitter addict 😀

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