Microsoft shows indication for launching a 128 bit version of windows

Microsoft has been busy with developing and launching Windows 7 all this time. And with the last failure of Windows Vista , Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make windows 7 a hit, from launching a massive house party across the world to sending free version of Windows 7.

Let us first know what the current scenario is around the world when it comes to 32 and 64 bit PCs. The bits of an OS tells how many bits can the processor solve simultaneously and thus reducing the time and improving efficiency.
64 bit software has been around since 2005 but still it hasn’t been able to show a mark. The reasons may be lack of hardware support and software difficulties as well. Even if you have a PC that is not too old it’s 99% certain it would be have a 64 bit microprocessor. But still even with all that supp rot the world is till in clutches of 32 bit software.
We wonder if Windows 8 would be a 128 bit version, but Microsoft has been known for doing big and something that others don’t have boldness to do. As they have been launching 64 bit versions of XP, Vista and now Windows 7 , we don’ know what is in mind of Microsoft.
Linux the competitor of Microsoft and specifically Ubuntu which has come up as the face of Linux has 64 -bit versions of its OS. But still no OS as for common man has been launched with a 128 bit version.
So lets wait and watch of what would happen of it in the future as 128 bit version of OS are definitely yo hit the market but as to when is the question.

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