Use both Bing and Google together to search more effectively

We all want to get the best result out of search engines. With the askboth shankeelatest buss created by Bing that some say shows great search results while others prefer sticking to the search giant Google. But what if you can use both. Yes a new website lets you search both Google and Bing at the same time.

Askboth is a new site that lets displays results from both the search engines on the same window. It does nothing much as it transfers the results that would show up on Bing and on Google and combines that up. But this simple idea is quit revolutionary and this site may be popular for a while.

Here’s a screenshot of what came when we searched for
askboth shankee

I actually didn’t much liked the site as it had a lot of unclean google ads that covered half the screen, and made me feel like as if the page is so messy.
Link –

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