Take pictures with invisible flash

Its night time and suddenly someone takes a picture, and stuns your eyes with the sudden flash of light. Flash is the most annoying part of being photographed, but that soon will be changed with the new invisible-flash cameras.

Dilip Krishnan and Rob Fergus at New York University have built a “dark flash” camera which floods a scene with infrared and ultraviolet light that is invisible to the human eye. The image is crisp, but the colours are strange.

The resulting image isn’t perfect — the pictures are described as having the character of night-vision shots –so the new system, developed by two researchers at New York University, grabs color information from a flash-free picture which is snapped after the UV-illuminated shot is taken. Detail from the first shot and color data from the second are then combined in software, with what is called a “remarkably natural end result.”

The camera isn’t perfect and the pictures that are constructed combining the image reflection from UV and Infrared light still have freckles. They still have to solve a few issues as not all objects reflect ultraviolet and Infrared lights so they would end up ruining the picture.

Sample pictures

But still the results are great and we hope that we will have invisible flash in all cameras in future.

Source- Tech.yahoo.com, newscientist

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