Open PDF Files without any PDF Reader by Converting the PDF into EXE Format

Converting PDF file into EXE Format I was looking for program that allows me to compile a PDF file into an EXE file, so the user receiving it doesn’t need to install Acrobat Reader, He just double-clicks the compiled file and gets the document.

Converting the PDF into EXE Format

With PDF2EXE, you can distribute your Adobe PDF files to your customers, share PDF documents with your friends without worrying about whether they can read it or not or have a pdf reader installed. PDF2EXE users can have more control over PDF files. In fact, It’s a great idea to compress PDF, encrypt PDF, and finally convert PDF to EXE! My PDF file size is reduced after I convert PDF file to executable file. And now my PDF is embedded into EXE, more safe! Features of this PDF to EXE Software

  • Compress, encrypt PDF document
  • Set password for the converted EXE file
  • Disable conversion from PDF to TXT, EXE to TXT
  • Disable printing of PDF file
  • Launch slide show after initialization
  • Disable conversion from EXE to image formats
  • Disable document properties
  • Prevent generated EXE from modification

Pdf to Exe Softwatre Screenshot Open PDF Files without any PDF Reader by Converting the PDF into EXE Format PDF2EXE is a SHAREWARE program to quickly convert PDF to EXE, making PDF readable on any computer without Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software installed. Link : Download The conversion from PDF to EXE preserves the look and feel of the original document.

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