Movies to be sold on USB thumbdrives this year

The plan, from Sonic Solutions, the company which operates the Roxio CinemaNow service, is to have the movie-loaded drives on store shelves in the fourth quarter of the year.The company hasn’t offered complete details on the plan yet: The titles it will offer at launch have not been announced, nor has pricing for the drives (or their capacity).

Sonic has said only that the movies available will be similar to the current selection on the CinemaNow site, including a blend of new releases and classics. Most new releases on the CinemaNow service cost $19.95 to download; library titles typically run $9.95.

The company has said that movies won’t be time-restricted, and that buyers will “own the content indefinitely.” That of course doesn’t mean that the drives will come free of DRM: The titles will be of course protected by strong digital security tied to the CinemaNow service designed to prevent them from being copied. Movies will have to be played back directly from the thumbdrive, either on a computer or through a CinemaNow-compatible device, which includes TiVo systems and LG Blu-ray players. Owners who register their purchases online will be able to play back the content through up to five devices.

But i also think that would this increase piracy rate. As it is much easier to transfer data on USB drives than on DVDs and also USB drive gets easily infected by viruses.


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