Microsoft Offie 2010 to have free online version like google docs

Microsoft has finally decided to launch an online version of its most famous office application “Microsoft Office 2010”. This decision came at a time when google has revealed of launching its own operating system soon. Shankee puts a look at what’s going on.

Microsoft, after tiptoeing around in the online app space for many months, is finally diving in headfirst in the move from offline software to the web. Office 2010, the next big release of its productivity application suite, in addition to traditional installable versions, is also going to come in an online-only incarnation, similar to — and a direct response against — Google Apps.

Microsoft already offers some online services in the form of Windows Live and Office Live, but these are limited to basic collaboration tools (email, calendars, etc.) and building business websites rather than creating and editing documents via a web browser. Office 2010 will mark Microsoft’s first serious foray into online productivity.

Early screen shots are promising, and the online versions of Office 2010 — which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote — look more feature-filled than I’d imagined they would. Microsoft has said the apps will be stripped down somewhat, which is to be expected of a free product, but so far they certainly don’t look like they veer into the simplistic world of, say, the Windows Notepad.

Analysts have mostly given the thumbs-up to Microsoft for moving some of its applications to the web, even if it might cost them dearly.
Microsoft excel on the web
Excel spreadsheets can now run in the browser

The Wall Street Journal has estimated that offering free online software could “put at risk as much at $4bn (£2.46bn) in revenue”.

One analyst told the paper that despite such losses, it could be a canny move.

“Making sure people are still using Microsoft products is more important” in the short term than risking revenue, explained Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Looks like the Microsoft Google war goes on getting dirtier and dirtier.

Update- It is rumored that some leak version of Office 2010 are available on torrent sites but still that is not confirmed, and soon Microsoft will roll out Beta version for testing by developers soon.

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