Microsoft Google war goes on getting dirtier day by day “In the Spotlight”

Google has been giving Microsoft tough competition in almost every way they could and in return Microsoft is also giving a head on head reply to Google. So we put a little light on what mess has these two tech giants have been in outdoing each other.

Operating system
This is the latest fight topic that started after Google announces to launch its own Operating System. Microsoft for sure has been the king of PCs as more than half of the world is still stuck to windows. Google decided to launch Google Chrome OS and has promised to reveal something that the world has never seen before. We don’t know exactly what would it be like but we hope for the best. The Google announcement came at a point when Microsoft is to release Windows 7 in October but Google Chrome OS has not been showing much affect of Microsoft’s window’s sales as pre-release sales are on a high.

Google is the guru of search engines, it has captured almost all the market when it comes to search. Microsoft has been trying hard to increase its market share in this sector from a long time. They launched “Live Search” which failed miserably but the recent search engine by Microsoft i.e. “Bing” has been doing good. But as experts have said that bing’s percentage of market share has been increasing. But who know what is the future of Bing . We love google.

Office Applications
Microsoft Office has been the most widely used application used worldwide till date. Google have their own online version of office applications “Google Docs”. Seeing the increase popularity Microsoft is to release an online version of its Office 2010 and that too for free use.
We hope that where Microsoft maked Office 2010 online Google will soon release an offline version of Google Docs.

These we hope were the main places of Google-Microsoft fight but still they seem to leave no stone unturned and we keep on seeing each of them revealing something or the other to give their opponent a stiff competition.
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